Pastoral Care is greatly cherished by our residents.  Our pastoral staff--Father Al, Father Art, and Sister Darlene, director of mission and spiritual care--are dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of our residents, families, and staff. Through encouragement, counseling, and prayer, the pastoral care staff help residents find meaning, comfort, and relief.

The pastoral staff also provide bereavement support, sacrament of the sick, scripture studies, as well as interfaith services.
Mass is celebrated six days a week in St. Anne’s beautiful chapel. 
Sundays: 9:45 a.m.; Monday - Friday: 10:30 a.m.
Vigil Keepers
St. Anne's Vigil Keepers are trained volunteers who keep company with a dying resident when requested by the family.  As your loved one approaches their final hours, Vigil Keepers provide presence and compassionate companioning when family members are not available or need time away.  Vigil Keepers quietly attend the bedside providing vigilance, prayer, and spiritual support to your loved one and the family.  If you would like further information, please contact the pastoral care office at 414-463-7570, ext. 305. Click to download the Vigil Keepers brochure.
Remembering Your Loved Ones